We can also supply a range of Axles and Hubs for your kart..
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DPE 50mm axles

DPE axles standard in Arrow and Monaco karts and are available in a range of hardness variations to suit most tracks.
All DPE 50mm axles accept 3 pegged axle keys.

They are also available in a black finish, as seen in Arrow X2 & X3 models.
Axles in the black finish are an additional $20.00

$215.00 ($230.00 for Black finish)

Product code:
61DPE50ES/B - 50mm dia. 1030mm long. Extreme Soft.
61DPE50S/B - 50mm dia. 1030mm long. Soft.
61DPE50M/B - 50mm dia. 1030mm long. Medium.
61DPE50H/B - 50mm dia. 1030mm long. Hard.

Prodezine 50mm axles

Prodezine axles are available in a wide range of hardness & length, helping you to fine-tune your kart at different tracks.

Click here for the Prodezine Axle Specifications chart.


Product code:
61PD5020O - 50mm dia. 1020mm long. Orange.
61PD5020C - 50mm dia. 1020mm long. Copper.
61PD5020R - 50mm dia. 1020mm long. Red.
61PD5020B - 50mm dia. 1020mm long. Brown.
61PD5020G - 50mm dia. 1020mm long. Green.
61PD5020Y - 50mm dia. 1020mm long. Yellow.
61PD5020G - 50mm dia. 1020mm long. White.
61PD5020BL - 50mm dia. 1020mm long. Blue.

61PD5040O - 50mm dia. 1040mm long. Orange.
61PD5040C - 50mm dia. 1040mm long. Copper.
61PD5040R - 50mm dia. 1040mm long. Red.
61PD5040B - 50mm dia. 1040mm long. Brown.
61PD5040G - 50mm dia. 1040mm long. Green.
61PD5040Y - 50mm dia. 1040mm long. Yellow.
61PD5040G - 50mm dia. 1040mm long. White.
61PD5040BL - 50mm dia. 1040mm long. Blue.

Italsport 50mm hub spacers

Italsport 50mm aluminium hub spacers can make rear track adjustments easy.
Using a spacer between the hub and the end of the axle prevents the hub moving on the axle during a session or a race. Pack includes spacers allowing adjustment in small increments.


Product code:

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