There are many ways of creating something. Formula K was created from friendship.
The mutual friendship of four people with a passion for karting: four people who, over dinner one summer evening in 2009, decided to create something that did not exist: a racing team which would immediately be ready to compete at international levels with its drivers and provide customers with a product identical to that used by professionals.

Thus, the four friends became a team. A team that is able to offer experience, vast sector expertise, suitable structures and all the latest cutting edge equipment and technology to all drivers to decide to join the project. And, consequently, enthusiasts who decide to place their bets on a Formula K kart. For, if the engine behind the Formula K project is driven by a passion for karting, it is the quality of the people who work on it every day which truly make a difference.

And that’s where the four friends come into it:

Andrea Bertolini who, as a driver, has a résumé packed with FIA GT1 World Championship titles (four) in his Maserati MC12, is a tester for no other than Ferrari, with an important role of talent scout on behalf of this Maranello based enterprise. (FDA).

Pietro Corradini who in the 1970s and 1980s, was a Ferrari Racing Department mechanic working alongside the likes of Villeneuve, Lauda and Scheckter.

Roberto Ninzoli with his 12 years spent in karting where he won, among other things, an Italian title.

Nunzio Annovi capable of spotting talents and truly believe in them, providing sponsorships to bring them on with the hope of becoming a professional driver. He did so with Liuzzi and Orsini and is now focused on Formula K.

Four motor sport professionals for a team whose objective is to realise competitive karts but also to bring on young talents by providing them with the best tools and knowledge to do well in karting and, who knows, one day in motorsports too, and to ensure that Formula K drivers become the drivers of tomorrow.


In October 2014, it was announced that Formula K would become part of the IPK group, meaning that the brand now sits alongside Praga and OK1. This is quite exciting for the brand and should yield some fantastic new products.

Formula K Evo30 & Evo32 TAG Kart

New for 2015.
CIK FIA 2015 HOMOLOGATION N° 26/CH/20 - Evo30
CIK FIA 2015 HOMOLOGATION N° 25/CH/20 - Evo32

Growing in popularity in Australia, FK chassis in senior 125cc are continuing to enjoy a great deal of success.
Suitable for JMax, Senior TAG (Rotax and X30) and Senior restricted classes.

Chassis Features -
  • Chrome Moly tubing
  • 50mm Axle
  • 3 position adjustable rear ride height
  • IPK RBS-V1 Rear brake system –
    CIK FIA 2015 Homologation N° 84/FR/20
  • New IPK spindle design allows a wider adjustment
    of steering angle and is stronger
  • New bearing hanger design
  • Douglas Magnesium wheels
  • Greyhound FK Seat
  • 'Formula K' embroidered steering wheel'
  • KG Buru nosecone and nassa panel with KG sidepods
  • KG CIK rear bumper
  • Aluminium components -
    Magnesium components also available as an option

Evo30 - 30mm chassis
Evo32 - 32mm chassis

$5450.00 inc gst

Formula K Evo KZ2 kart

The Evo30 and Evo32 are also available in KZ2 configuration.
The KZ2 model comes with both front and rear brakes, shifter and clutch lever assemblies and CIK rear bumper.
The KZ2 model also features new-for-2015 brake systems, with the rear as per the Evo30 and Evo32 TAG kart and a new IPK front brake system.
IPK STR-V1 Shifter brake system & IPD RBS-V1 Rear brake system – CIK FIA 2015 HOMOLOGATION N° 85/FR/20

$6500.00 inc gst

Formula K Evo Rotax DD2 kart

The Evo30 and Evo32 are also available in Rotax DD2 configuration.
The DD2 chassis differs from the regular Evo30 and Evo32 models with just one axle bearing hanger in the rear, as the DD2 engine configuration used drives the axle without a chain.

The braking system is as per the KZ2 kart and the DD2 kart comes with front and rear brakes, shifter and clutch lever assemblies and DD2 rear bumper.

$6500.00 inc gst

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